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Want to get the best out of your workouts?

Need tools that make you more efficient, workout better, all while recovering fast?

If so, you’re at the right place. We have a tool for you that takes care of the previous, and much more. It will help you embark on your fitness journey safely, while maximizing your fitness levels!

And that tool is Leverage Gear!

Why Do I Need It?

There are a few misconceptions people have with regards to working out.

For starters, they believe in the philosophy of “pain equals gain. That is, if you’re not destroying your body in a workout, you’re not getting benefits.


In fact, that’s excess strain on your body. And that may lead to damage, and reduced recovery over time (if not putting you out of commission).

Those are facts that Leverage Gear’s founder (Kris Lyons) learned the hard way. It’s what led him to develop the Leverage Gear app!

If you’re not recovering properly, then you get fewer chances to work out over time. And that means you end up spending less hours getting fit.

And that’s going to negatively affect your consistency – making you less likely to commit to your fitness and health.

Won’t a Personal Trainer Solve Those Problems?

Sure, they can. With a personal trainer’s help, you’ll get guidance on how much time you’ll need to recover.

However, personal trainers are expensive. And if you’re looking for a good one, you might have to pay a high price.

But you can avoid those costs with Leverage Gear. It’s tried and true, and it’ll help you avoid workout accidents, chronic pain, all while maximizing your workout benefits!

And That’s Not All…
Our company doesn’t just offer apps that help you work out. We go beyond that, offering physical support products to make your workouts more effective.

Subscribe now, and let us help you exercise the right way.

Our Recovery Leg Sleeve

This is a supporting tool for your legs!

It’s excellent for your knees and lower legs, correcting most any muscular or joint problems you may have!


These handy sleeves can be life changing if you feel pain, have pulled a muscle, or are struggling with leg workouts (especially if you’re new to the gym).


Plus, it’s quite simple to use. All you have to do is pull it over your leg, and voila! 

"AT Home" Sauna – helps you relax and unwind

Looking for something that will relax and unwind you in the comfort of your home?

We have the perfect solution!

Our indoor sauna kit comes with everything you need to get your sweat on in the comfort of your home.

After a good workout or a long strenuous day, jump in your sauna, relax and sweat away toxins and fat from your body.

It's a dream come true?!

Enjoy the benefits of sauna therapy!

SoME OF The Most Effective Products You’ll Find

Want to know what makes our products special? We've spent thousands of dollars on research and development, we have tried and tested each product. This is why we guarantee they’ll help you to maximize the effectiveness of whatever you pursue – whether that is working out, or just relaxing!

And if you’re skeptical, then just ask the founder (Kris Lyons) himself.

He’s a devout fitness trainer, and having struggled with (and helped others) deal with chronic pain – he has years of experience to help you out too.

And tools aside, he offers some of the most amazing and positive plans for fitness recovery (which we recommend checking out).

If you’re looking for the best workout products, you’re at the right place!